We take care of the communal areas of residential buildings, ensuring that our clients live in a safe and well-maintained environment. In particular, we organise services such as cleaning, gardening and repairs, as well as arranging Health and Safety, Fire Risk Assessments and Asbestos Inspections by qualified professionals. Additionally, we provide financial services to our clients, as well as advice on their obligations according to their lease. Some of the services provided to our clients are listed below:

Property Management

  • Viewing accessible common parts of the Property to check the condition and deal with any neces-sary repairs as required.
  • Preparing specifications and contracts for minor works and services such as cleaning, gardening, window cleaning and overseeing such contracts.
  • Undertaking inspections and planning proactive maintenance for the Property.
  • Negotiating with local and statutory authorities re-garding operation, amendment or improvements to communal services as necessary.
  • Arranging the preparation of specifications, ob-taining tenders and supervising major works.
  • We offer to hold keys for Leaseholders in secure safes. A need in the event of an emergency!
  • Preparing and monitoring major building works not covered by annual contracts, dealing with S20 consultations, including serving the required no-tices, instructing and liaising with specialist con-sultants, inspecting work in progress and handling retentions.
  • Advertising and recruiting site staff on behalf of the Client.
  • Responding to pre-contract sales enquiries.
  • Advising the Client on all relevant legislative and regulatory issues and general interpretation of leases.
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Financial Services

  • Opening and handling bank accounts.
  • Preparing and sending out service charge estimates.
  • Collecting service charges and reserve fund contributions, including sending demands and associated summaries and any required statements.
  • Processing payments relating to the property within expenditure limits and funds available, or as reasonable expediency shall dictate.
  • Providing accounting information to enable external certification or auditing of services charges as required.
  • Providing information to accountants prior to the preparation of annual service charge accounts.
  • Collecting Ground Rent Client Finance
  • Legal recovery of unpaid service charges or ground rents or action for non-compliance with leases, including instructing solicitors and preparing for and attending Court/Tribunal.
  • Carrying out appraisals of reserve funds, including surveys of a property and reporting to the Client.
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Major Works & Refurbishments

  • Reviewing the lease and advising upon the required timing of external and internal redecorations, along with any other major work requirements. Where the lease is silent we provide general advice concerning the timing of such projects.
  • Advising on current legislation and its impact upon buildings with respect to any fire protection equipment and its installation.
  • When instructed to commence a project, we advise and issue all relevant documentation in connection with any legislation (Section 20) as required, contracting the services of an externally appointed surveyor who will draw up a specifica-tion for the project, issue tender documentation and analyse the tender returns. The surveyor will subsequently oversee the project on site to completion. Dauntons Soar assist in advising and overseeing this process and engaging as required throughout the entire project.
  • For smaller projects, Dauntons Soar carry out surveys in-house and draft up minor work specifications.
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